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Winfree Helps Learners Register To Vote

DALLAS- Every election year, millions of Americans don’t vote because they either miss the registration deadline or don’t know how to register. To help ensure that adult learners, ages 18 and up, don’t miss the opportunity to register to vote, Winfree Academy held a voter registration drive on Friday, September 22nd in honor of Celebrate Freedom Day. All eligible learners were given the opportunity to register at all six Winfree Academy campus locations across North Texas. For many adult Winfree learners, this is their first year being eligible to vote. At the Lewisville campus, excitement gleamed on many of their faces. Learners who were eligible to vote first received a brief history lesson on voters rights in American History and then step-by-step instructions on how to register online from Art Educator Ms. Sharon Warwick

Newly registered voter Maranda White, shared how important this opportunity was to her. “Because so many people fought for the right for women specifically to vote, it’s important for me to take advantage of the right that I have been given by our predecessors,” says Maranda.

Corey Smith, age 19, says “this is my first time voting and the next big chapter of my life is taking a big step to register. It was a relief being around my peers and to be able to register at school instead of a polling place.”

Winfree Academy is a free public high school for grades 9-12 and serves students ages 14-26. With 38% of the student population being over the age of 18, this registration drive held on all six Winfree Academy campuses provided the opportunity for many to register to vote. If you are not currently registered to vote, please go to and complete a voter registration form. You may bring your printed application to any Winfree Academy Campus no later than October 6th. For more information about Winfree Academy, call 972-349-4470.

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