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Dropout Prevention And Recovery

According to the Texas Education Agency, 34,285 students have dropped out of high school in the state of Texas during the 2011-2012 school year.

At Winfree Academy, we have set up many programs to help students who have dropped out or are currently having attendance problems.  We take time to find out why our students are not going to class and provide innovative solutions that are not offered anywhere else.

Winfree Academy’s four-hour sessions allows the students to be flexible when attending school while still holding them accountable for their coursework. This scheduling helps when students may be missing class because they need to train for competition or if they need to work full-time to support their family.

If attendance continues to be low there are additional intervention programs.  This may include suggesting a student attend a different time session and placing the student on an attendance based SAFE plan.  The student may be required to participate in Winfree Academy’s ATTEND Program.  The ATTEND Program is designed to bring awareness to truancy, discuss the  consequences of dropping out of school, and create a personal action plan to help the student get back on track.

At Winfree Academy, we are more concerned about why you can’t get to school and take measures to bridge the gap.  We want you here and we want you to be successful.

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