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About Winfree Academy

Winfree Academy Charter Schools is a tuition-free, public school serving learners in grades 9-12. We utilize a comprehensive high school curriculum that is offered via flexible individualized delivery system utilizing online curriculum and constant availability. Our highly experienced educators are available to help students in the early morning hours, throughout the day, and into the early evening, spending the extra time and the extra care to increase student achievement. They use effective methods of teaching to motivate and nurture the students’ to success. Emphasis is placed on preparing students to be college and career ready while completing all requirements to earn a high school diploma.

Our Mission

Winfree Academy’s mission is to create a supportive, safe environment that motivates, educates, and trains students so they can graduate from high school prepared with the skills and abilities needed for higher education, employment, and life.

Our Vision

We create outstanding leaders by nurturing individuality, encouraging challenge, and valuing our students for who they want to be.

We inspire learners and ignite their hearts and minds to achieve the future of their choice.

Core Beliefs

All learners have promise and the right to multiple opportunities for success.

Staff, parent, and community connections are essential.

Everyone has value.

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