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Grade Point Average And Rank

Class rank is a measure of each learner’s academic performance in high school. Class rankings are utilized for college admissions and scholarship eligibility. These rankings also determine Valedictorian and Salutatorian for WACS and each campus.

WACS determines a learner rank utilizing a system of weighting numerical semester grades to differentiate difficulty levels for total ranking points/cumulative GPA. Dual credit, gifted and talented, honors, International Baccalaureate course, pre-International Baccalaureate course, AP, and pre-AP course grades are multiplied by 1.1 and standard course grades are multiplied by 1.0. Local credits, credit by exam grades, failing grades, and APV grades are included in the GPA. Incomplete grades will not be displayed on transcripts or have numeric value.The conversion will be completed by adding the grade point equivalent of the grades earned for each semester and then dividing by the number of semester grades present. Class rank is determined by converting final semester grades into the weighted grades and obtaining the average. This average is the cumulative rank points that are then assigned a position within the graduating class.

The cumulative GPA used to determine class ranking will be calculated May 24, 2024. For a learner to be considered in the ranking process they must have been enrolled at WACS for no less than 90 instructional days OR shall have completed a minimum of 4 credits at WACS. He/she must have completed all graduation requirements; including passing all exit level state assessments, by 9:00 pm on Thursday, May 23, 2024. The final ranking will be announced May 28, 2024. A learner who completes all requirements for graduation after May 23, 2024 may participate in the graduation ceremony, but will be included in the class ranking for the following year.

Conversion of cumulative GPA to a 4.0 system can be achieved by dividing the cumulative GPA by 25.

Example: Joey graduated with a WACS GPA of 89.36. He needs to convert his GPA to a 4.0 scale for his college application. Joey will convert his GPA as follows –

89.36 / 25 = 3.57

Joey’s converted GPA is 3.57.

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