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Santa Surprises Winfree Academy Teacher With An Education Grant

When Sharon Warwick, an Art teacher at Winfree Academy Charter Schools started thinking about how she could get her students to be more involved and excited about learning she came up with a great idea: host an academic competition at the school. It would be a genuine way to create excitement about learning. The thought of a competition would give the student extra motivation to study, bringing instant gratification for retaining the knowledge they have learned this year.

Warwick wanted to make this idea come to life. She wanted it to happen, and she wanted it to be authentic. She would need props and outside resources to pull this off, but didn’t have the school funds to see this vision some to reality.

So Warwick applied for a grant through the Winfree Schools Foundation. This year, the Winfree Schools Foundation accepted grant applications from all six campuses of Winfree Academy Charter Schools in early October.   The application process was very competitive and thorough. She would need to make sure that every detail was mentioned so that the Winfree Schools Foundation Board of Directors would see that this competition would recognize academic excellence and promote active involvement in student learning as she did.

After reviewing all of the grants, the Board made the decision to award the grant to only one applicant.

On Friday, December 19th Santa and the Winfree Schools Foundation Board traveled to the Lewisville campus of Winfree Academy to present the Ms. Warwick her grant.

Without warning, bells chimed throughout the hallways and in walked Santa with a giant check for her grant. All of the students smiled brightly with anticipation as she was awarded her grant, excited to learn what the check was for.

Warwick with Winfree Schools Foundation President Adell

The Winfree Schools Foundation awarded Warwick the grant totaling $1,659.67. Dedrick Adell, President of the Foundation, presented the grant and explained to the class what it was for: a school-wide academic competition.

Everyone applauded and express their congratulations to Warwick and her classroom.

“This grant will allow our students to develop their talents in our own Winfree way”, said Warwick. “We will show off what we know and have fun doing it.”

After the awarding of the grant was over, the students went back to their lesson eager to retain the knowledge that will now be used in a school-wide competition.

Winfree Academy Charter Schools thanks the Winfree Foundation for their ongoing support of teachers in the classroom and helping to Winfree’s students achieve success.

“It was truly a pleasure to award the Winfree Academy Academic Championship grant to Ms. Warwick and the Lewisville campus”, says Adell.

The Winfree Schools Foundation partners with the community to provide resources that enrich teaching, inspire learning, and maximize innovative opportunities for all students of the Winfree Academy Charter Schools.

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