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Faces Of Winfree

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Meet Ms. Williamson, our CTE Educator at the Grand Prairie campus, and hear about connection with Winfree Learners.

Meet Dr. Stubblefield, our Principal at the Lewisville campus, and hear about why he enjoys working at Winfree Academy.

Meet Ms. Johnson, our Principal at the Grand Prairie campus, and hear about what why Winfree Academy's been her home for 18 years.

Meet Ms. Cox, our English Educator at the Richardson campus, and hear about how she and her fellow educators support Winfree Learners.

In 2023, Winfree Academy launched it's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) pilot program. Through this program, learners test with the FAA and become licensed commercial drone pilots. In addition to the certification and ability to earn income, the program has brought learners together in a special friend group. Thank you to Mr. Leathers and the learners at Winfree Academy Lewisville for soaring to new heights with the Drone Program. We look forward to our second cohort of learners testing this Fall at the Richardson campus and being able to expand this program to our other campuses soon.

"Public school is like the mall - everybody is talking about something, everybody is doing something, everybody is in their own world. I couldn't continue to give 100%." There were times that Tamoria confided in staff that she thought her life would be better. Through tears and support, she and staff made each other better. Tamoria learned at Winfree Dalla how to be a genuine leader and her personal definition of success. Tamoria, you've taken the first step into a new beginning. You can do anything you want to do!

Moriah's old school wasn't a fit for her... she hated it. When she came to Winfree, she wasn't ready to be successful. Drugs, emotions, and other distractions kept her from being successful in her coursework. But Moriah never gave up. She returned to school this year determined that she was going to graduate. Honesty, vulnerability, and trust in staff helped her to be successful this year. We are so proud and grateful for you Moriah!

Karla had so many absences at her previous school that she was going to have to go to summer school or repeat the year. So...she came to Winfree. At first Karla showed up to school, just for attendance, and slept in class. Staff took and individual interest in her and removed her excuses one-by-one. She's a great example of when life knocks you down, you dust yourself off and get back up. There's no end to the possibilities that she can accomplish. You did it Karla!

Azdahar faced so many challenges before coming to Winfree. She battled a personal illness that left her completely demotivated. Her first experiences at Winfree included frustration and anger. But staff was patient. They met her where she was. The educators believed in her until she was ready to take over and believe in herself. Azdahar - you can do whatever you want to! You make us proud.

First in her family to graduate and go to college, Saila was determined to be successful. She exudes positivity and encourages others to compassionate. She drowned out distractors to focus on what she determined was important. This leader in the classroom is ready to be leader in her life. Way to go Saila!

Daniel never liked school…it wasn’t for him. He roamed the halls, stood up a lot, and ran around the class. He visited the office frequently. After he found that Winfree Academy-Irving was his home, he trusted the process and the staff. This year he visited the office for advice and guidance. With the support of the Irving educators, he graduated a full year early. He is loved and will be missed. Good luck Daniel, we’re so proud of you!

Mariela dropped out after having her first child. After her second, she decided to come back so that she could set an example for her babies. She worked at a pace that worked for her. She is now a graduate and knows she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

When Briea first came to Winfree she had a rocky start. It took her a minute to get going and making the decision that she could graduate. Once she put her mind to getting her high school diploma there was no stopping her.

Rosemary came from a traditional high school.  She had some personal issues that would have her take breaks from coming to school. This year, she was determined to come back and complete all her classes and graduate.

Max went to multiple schools before she landed at Winfree. When she first arrived her anxiety took over, but then she realized Winfree was a safe place where she made friends, became comfortable with the educators and began to blossom!

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