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Extracurricular Activities Overview

Student Council
Student Council acts as a nucleus of the student body and allows students to develop a deep realization of their part in the conduct of the school and to strengthen their use of self-direction and self-control. The Student Council is a representative group of high school students. Winfree Academy Charter Schools encourages student participation in Student Council Events.

Good Works
The Good Works Team is a group of students who choose to give back to their community through service. Students have numerous projects within the community and volunteer their time and effort to improve the communities in which they live. The silver cord is a merit of civic participation and involvement associated with those students involved in the campus Good Works Team. A silver cord is awarded to students prior to graduation to be worn as part of the graduation regalia to recognize their partnership with the community.

Winfree Academy Charter Schools is a part of the Texas Charter School Athletic and Academic League (TCSAAL) and we currently participate in the junior varsity and varsity basketball program. The program has grown to be very competitive and our Richardson campus won the District Championship for the 2012 season!

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