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Kyendrick: 2019 Dallas Osprey Award Winner

Kyendrick came to Winfree during the inaugural year of our Dallas campus. During his first year, Kyendrick did not complete any courses and was easily distracted by his peers. Soon-there- after he became a father and developed a newfound drive to be successful by any means. Upon graduation, Kyendrick will be the first of his mother’s sons to stay on the right path and graduate high school thus breaking the cycle.

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"Public school is like the mall - everybody is talking about something, everybody is doing something, everybody is in their own world. I couldn't continue to give 100%." There were times that Tamoria confided in staff that she thought her life would be better. Through tears and support, she and staff made each other better. Tamoria learned at Winfree Dalla how to be a genuine leader and her personal definition of success. Tamoria, you've taken the first step into a new beginning. You can do anything you want to do!

Mariela dropped out after having her first child. After her second, she decided to come back so that she could set an example for her babies. She worked at a pace that worked for her. She is now a graduate and knows she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

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