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Winfree Academy’s Pregnancy Related Services Program Receives a Special Gift for the Holiday Season

IRVING- Christmas came early for some of the learners in the Pregnancy Related Program (PRS) at Winfree Academy. Over $1000 worth of baby supplies was donated by The Winfree School Foundation to support the learners and their infants.

The Winfree Schools Foundation held their 1st Annual Community Baby Shower and Food Pantry Drive on Saturday, December 3rd. Various baby items and gifts cards were donated to help learners in need. Items donated included diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes, baby formula, toys, books, etc.

Not only were baby items donated but ready- to- eat meal items were also donated to help feed over 20 families during the Winter Break. Food items donated by the Winfree School Foundation were used to restock Winfree Academy’s Food Pantry.

The Food Pantry at Winfree Academy serves students and their families who find themselves suddenly on their own and helps to prevent a crisis by allowing them access to free food which in turn allows the families to stretch their resources. Each student is allotted 20 pounds of food per week for themselves and family. Students pick out 1 bag of rice, 1 box of pasta, a container of pasta sauce, 5 boxed meal items, 5 cans of vegetables, and 5 boxes of snack items.

The donations came at a crucial point in the year for some learners. With temperatures dropping and holidays quickly approaching, many families have found themselves in need of assistance. On the first school day immediately following the Annual Community Baby Shower and Food Pantry Drive, the donated items were being delivered to campus and into the arms of the Winfree Academy learners. 

The Winfree Schools Foundation was established June 4, 2012, with a mission to support the educational programs at all Winfree Academy Charter Schools and to ensure students and faculty receive the tools they need to succeed. For more information about the Winfree Schools Foundation, please visit their Facebook page at

Winfree Academy (WACS) meets the educational needs of high school learners, up to age 26, who prefer a non-traditional way of learning and thrive on individualized instruction. As a free public, charter school serving North Texas since 2000, WACS has graduated over 6,000 learners. Aside from academics, multiple social support options are available such as our Courage Program for addiction and mental health support, our Linking Tree Program which connects youth and their families to community providers, and Pregnancy Related Services to support a pregnant student during prenatal and postpartum periods. For more information about Winfree Academy and our specialized services please visit

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