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COVID- 19 » 2020-2021 Academic Year

2020-2021 Academic Year

Learners will attend Winfree Academy Charter Schools on a traditional school schedule, Monday through Friday, with no scheduled Virtual Academy Learning.

All learners and staff will adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Winfree Academy Health and Safety guidebook. This may include such requirements as weekly health screenings for learners, daily temperature checks, protective personal equipment as required by national, state, or local health order, frequent washing or hand sanitizing, social distancing, and reduced classroom capacity. Campuses will re-open as "closed", meaning that access to non-educators or learners will be restricted and those who do not have a legitimate interest or business on campus will be asked not to enter. Those who do have legitimate business must undergo screening and follow the health/safety protocols.
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Please visit your campus' page for additional, more specific guidance. 

The Winfree Virtual Academy will be fully remote, learners will not be required to come to campus for instruction.

It will be "Asynchronous", meaning that learners will have the ability to login and complete their 250 minutes, or four hours and ten minutes, of DAILY instruction at a time that fits their schedule best each day Monday through Friday. Instructors will be available to assist learners and hold office hours during the traditional learning times.

Although the time of day a learner logs in is flexible, they must log in DAILY and complete assignments. Attendance for learners will be accounted for daily through Edmentum and Edgenuity, learner-teacher interaction, and communication with an identified Winfree Academy staff member. Learners who do not login daily AND meet defined progress standards will be counted absent. (i.e. Learners must login and complete assignments every day. Simply logging in to a learning system will not count a learner present.) Truancy will apply to non-attendance in the remote environment.

While there is maximum flexibility for the learner schedule, there will be times that a learner may be required to attend scheduled lessons during the day. These could include Focused Instruction for learners who will be taking the STAAR exam, office hours to work with an educator if the learner is struggling, or scheduled times to receive support services.

Academic progress for learners in the Winfree Virtual Academy will be monitored to determine learner success within the setting. A parent may choose to move their learner in or out of this environment at the close of each six-weeks grading period.

This year Winfree Academy is operating on an intersessional schedule. This means the first day of school will be Monday, August 10th, the last day of school will be Friday, Just 4th, and there are now (2) intersessions scheduled through the year (October 5-9 and February 1-5) in addition to our regular school holidays.