Winfree Works

Winfree Works

Winfree Works is a career- and college-ready program for students to address post-secondary planning. Career and Technical (CTE) ‘Works Labs’ are located on each campus for Career Exploration and cross-curricular activities that incorporate real-world experiences into student’s course work. Career fairs, guest speakers, and field trips focusing on career and college readiness are incorporated throughout the year and available to all students. The Winfree Works Program will prepare you for the next step after graduation, COLLEGE or CAREER!

School to Work~Work-Readiness

Under the career-ready component, Winfree specializes in Business Management & Administration, Human Services, Legal Services, and Hospitality Career Learning Tracks. Every student participates in Career Individualized Assessments, in which each student is evaluated using Career Cruising™, and an individualized Career Ready portfolio is developed. While Winfree Works specialized in the Career Learning Tracks mentioned, we also offer meaningful experiences for all future career planning.

School to College~College-Readiness

Winfree Academy is dedicated to training those students who plan to attend college after graduation with the necessary skills and abilities to complete college applications, FAFSA forms, and college entrance exams, as well as preparing them for the challenges of collegiate academics. Winfree has solidified partnerships with local colleges and universities to provide dual credit opportunities, campus visits, guest speakers, financial aid assistance, and other post-secondary preparedness needs.

Career Preparation Courses- Earn Credit While You Work!

These courses allow students to evaluate their personal skills to determine individual potential for growth within any industry they decide to pursue. Some courses allow students to participate in work-based learning while receiving up to 3 elective credits.

Career Portfolio- Create a Professional Portfolio Highlighting Your Skills & Experiences!

Career Cruising is an online Career Management System which allows students to complete interests, skills, and learning style quizzes to become more in tune with their post high school goals and aspirations. Students will continually use this system to research and assist with building a career portfolio.