Texas Promise Blog

“I promise to see the promise in every child.” – Melody Chalkley

Children are labeled “at-risk” of dropping out of school when they meet one or more indicators defined by the state of Texas.  As stated by the Alexandria Schools Deputy Superintendent Cathy David, “The previous ‘at-risk’ model was a deficit model that identified and categorized children by criteria such as low income, special education, ethnicity or English language proficiency, with the assumption that if the criteria fit the child, then the child must have some sort of deficit. The ‘at promise’ model comes from strengths.”  Regardless of a student’s circumstances, background, or GPA, dedicated educators are working hard to help students find their true potential and graduate from high school.

TexasPromise was established by Winfree Academy Charter Schools founder, Melody Chalkley, as a way for students, parents, teachers, administrators, policymakers, and others to exchange ideas about how to improve public education and help kids.  After sixteen years in the North Texas community, Winfree Academy Charter Schools continues to battle the state’s dropout crisis by providing a nationally recognized high school academic program combined with a safe, small school environment and award-winning student and family support services.  Today, TexasPromise serves as a platform to celebrate those students who have embraced their true potential and the  innovative educators who guided them to graduation.

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