Every Student is Unique

Winfree Academy knows that each of our students are one-of-a-kind. We provide our students with a variety of services to support them in their journey to becoming a high school graduate and a productive individual after high school. We believe in the ability to be flexible to the needs of our students, and our many specialized services have helped thousands of students graduate with a high school diploma. Whether you are a student who recently had a child, a student who may be struggling emotionally, or a student who needs to work full-time to support their family, we have the ability to work with you. Find out more about our support services on the left.


Flexible Schedules

Optional Flexible School Day (OFSDP)

The goal of Winfree Academy’s Optional Flexible School Day Program is to provide an opportunity for students who may not meet traditional attendance requirements to remain in school and earn a high school diploma. See the Campus Dean of Students for more information.

Program for Adult Student Success (PASS)

Winfree Academy’s PASS Program now makes a High School Diploma attainable for everyone. Whether you are a returning student aged 21 years or more, with less than a 3 year break in your High School education, you can continue studies in the regular Winfree classroom. If you have been out of school for 3 years or more, you will work in a dedicated mature student classroom available at Irving, Richardson, Grand Prairie, & North Richland Hills.