Special Education

Special Education

Winfree Academy’s special education department strives to provide a comprehensive educational program with complete educational opportunities essential to the full intellectual and social development of students with disabilities. Special education and related services are specially designed services developed to support students with disabilities within the general curriculum. The intent of the support services is to enable all students with disabilities to make progress in the general curriculum, to participate in extracurricular and nonacademic activities, and to be educated and participate with disabled and non disabled peers in the public school system. Every effort will be made to provide a free, appropriate public education of feasible, flexible programs and services for maximum involvement of all students with disabilities.

Administrative Team:

Director of Special Education: Nicole Watkins
Special Education Administrative Assistant: Dolly McDowell

ARD Facilitators:

  • Otisha Hickey-Gilreath  (Irving and Grand Prairie)
  • Kris McCoy (Lewisville and Richardson)
  • Amy Alambar (NRH and Denton)